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The cookbook of British royal family asks
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Outer person looks, classics enumerate century rises and fall the British royal family of alternate always lets a person feel clinking mystery. This includes Wen Sha's ducal legend marriage not just, black installs the bizarre sudden death of graceful princess, the daily life life that joins an imperial court is the topic that people cares.

Last year in September, charles of British crown prince announces, he should write a book to introduce the prandial be fond of of member of British royal family, after a few months, this book is published eventually, people is able to know the real life that concerns this Europe royal to more from between the lines.

Be in this " cookbook of duke raw ingredient " in one book, charles enumerate hundreds years ago, the cate with Victoria beloved queen, include: Article baked wheaten cake bakes the hotpot that go out, citric conserve and the sandwich that with the Christmas the remains of big eat makes, these still are the common thing on table of British royal family up to now. Actually, these food and practice can calculate only in England on dish of the daily life of a family, royal family of this visible also England is quite austere still on food. Not outdated moves the thing is easy, bai Ershi of today's beautiful Sha of British queen Yi, namely the mother of Charles, her food is about to be paid attention to more.

Queen is loving and natural food

Bai Ershi of Yi beautiful Sha goes after nature, healthy food. This sounds if be, today it is actually a kind relatively " extravagant " behavior. British crop basically is given priority to with the entrance, among them the meal that ordinary common people eats everyday also is to turn more gene cultivates. Nevertheless queen insists to take the bread that the grain that grows naturally makes, especially the walnut bread that she loves most.

In addition, queen is euqally loving also the butter flummery of royal tradition, ice-cream and Cambria produce technically bake tender hotpot. But weight maintains her in 105 pounds forever, nature won't make him much eat these. Besides fresh fruit, queen holds to the mineral water that produces near drinkable Wen Sha, this is considered as to pass the crucial place that the British queen of 8 a period of ten days looks radiant up to now.

"Princely " cookies price does not poor

In fact, not only the line that queen borrows food comes preserve one's health, british imperial court is other member as much such. " cookbook of duke raw ingredient " author Charles is princely all the time since, propose green provision. Before paragraph he returns time the negative effect that the healthy place of young to England generation produces snack of specially criticism Mcdonald's. To him himself for, of all kinds organic vegetables and fruits is his main dish of Chinese meal, and salmon, mallard also is his carnivorous kind love most.

Besides, the Charles prince that loves cate is more " duke raw ingredient " (Duchy Originals) brand author, there is food, individual to nurse below the banner product, family is horticultural appliance 3 series hundreds kinds of product, do manual work of group of biscuit, Qu Ji, chocolate, fruit is careful, each above imprint have " duke raw ingredient " the LOGO that is full of British amorous feelings. Nevertheless, hit " princely " the food price of brand but disadvantageous appropriate, price of cookies of a small prevailing also should exceed 60 yuan of RMBs.
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