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Stalk of grain especially: British travel need not spend money 8 play a way
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Exchange rate of euro add dollar rises madly, if you worry to London is from now on cannot the travel ground of the burden, do not lose heart so please, place has a lot of places not to need to spend one wool money, can represent the characteristic of London however, be worth you to swim to the top of one's bent admire.

1, art gallery

Peaceful is especially contemporary art gallery (Tate Modern) is one of art gallery with the most well-known England, holding includes the most valuable contemporary artwork on the world. Peaceful is especially British art gallery (the most classical artwork since Tate Britain) collects 16 centuries of British.

The London art gallery with main other includes countrywide picture gallery (National Portrait Gallery) , and in Telafajia square (the countrywide gallery of Trafalgar Square) (National Gallery) , in addition Hualaishi is collected (The Wallace Collection) also is worth to recommend.

2, museum

The main museum of all London is entered freely, but also offer at the same time a few those who collect fees is special display. London museum can let your Rome period go to the London of nowadays the history, the museum with great other still includes British museum, scientific museum, natural history museum. Geffrye museum and Horniman museum also not allow you are missed.

3, royal park

The Marie in Regent's Park empress rosary, it is a lot of people most the London tourist attraction that love, emperor Zhanmusi park (St. James's Park) also is worth to recommend, because it was offerred,view and admire the optimal landscape of Buckingham Palace. Hai Degong also is familiar to the ear of course field can the tourist attraction of detailed, place has famous Diane king to commemorate wither resembles fountain and Pitepan.

4, guarder changes sentry post

Among the tourist of travel London, very few somebody is willing to miss the martial tradition of this England. Before Buckingham Palace door, queen guarder is in in the morning at 11 o'clock the fixed ceremony changing sentry post of half (summer is daily, tertian in the winter) , already became London visitor most expectant travel pays close attention to one of dots.

5, peaceful interview person river south bank

It is really presumably very amazed, along peaceful interview person is riparian, after all beautiful scenery of how many London can let you see. Eye of theater of peaceful spy museum, whole world, London... , still have a lot of a lot of. You might as well the edge writes peaceful bank of interview person Henan, visit arbitrarily on foot, you will more know London this place.

6, pull a law to add square especially (Trafalgar Square)

Pulling a law to add square especially is one of travel tourist attractions that England has appeal most. You Yaohan Nai makes this square be designed in 1820 generation, era was built 1830, place is travel resort not only, also be the important place of politics at the same time. Annual in December, norwegian metropolis donates a beautiful christmas tree, acknowledgment England assistance comes out from the rescue in Nazi hand.
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