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Be reluctant to leave Montreal
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Old mother of home and good friend are in already call, I of anxious to return do not know unexpectedly how answering period in the day of asymptotic, go up that evening especially the hour that shut-eye awakes to dawn eastward, give birth to some of feeling that be reluctant to leave. The affection of this continuously feeling is blamed quite hold the post of you how also of brandish do not go, her instead is like the ground to grow day and day in my brain like air plant. Years passes, appear I lived one year full in this North America Paris of exotic an alien land superabundant.

Also you do not admire not be up to sb to decide praise uptodate plane, it is in 24 tellurian either place can send you in the hour. When the Meng Cheng that impose a state will visit one's family before remembering wanting last year, think of to want to circle earthly most circle, go so distant the remotest corners of the earth, oneself are surprise occur simultaneously. Former flounder of old overseas Chinese should lead a wandering life on ocean year half an year, I flew only merely seventeen, reunited with the family member after 8 hour, this unlike are we common is day in of home go close to visit friendly, a short journey?

Ah! How interesting go close to visit friend, this is the Meng Cheng of maple leaf country after all. The market with here straight freely on the road besides all sorts of cars that move back and forth, become known day also sees the person that walk rarely. Here, cathedral spreads all over old size to build Lou Qun in sundry Ou Shijian in, its companion is sending out as rising and falling ding the breath of move and be in harmony of photograph of contemporary and civilized depend on each other; Here, arboreous and very tall, green shade be like black, after the house before room of flower meadow hover; The dove of group, wild bird is footloose between blue sky white cloud fly.

Here, although inhabit a region is worn the people of much more phyletic descendants on the world, their custom is different return make public individual character, but can get along well however, friendly without the thing; Here, although be nodded less lively, flourishing, much however is halcyon, auspicious, sweet, easy and comfortable. Allegedly, still have here " Canadian fountainhead " say, christ hill count, in those days after his French passes Atlantic, it is to to disembark from here walk into Canada.

Perhaps be China lies between the ground with the day that impose a state far, the son that I know to there are a Canada and her pride on the world only previously -- besides model of our old friend, hero Dr Bethune not very know clearly. Be in again later " the foreign country has a Canada, china has an everybody to take " the influence of popular and humorous language is made below, make me be mixed to her mystery more yearning. Life expects hard, be in unexpectedly after retiring, I realized this long-cherished wish.

Walk into the gate that imposes a state when me, feel the air here is fresh all the more, in see await better person is pressing bibcock in engine office after drinking unboiled water, feel the environment here is very beautiful. However at this late hour, make I more those who feel even more beautiful than the environment is their Canadian.
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