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American big gorge walks in earthly brim
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Keluoladuo is big gorge (gross area of The Grand Canyon) is close to 3 kilometers, anybody is impossible the one panorama that alls over big gorge soon. Look down at from headroom only, just enjoy the break of this earth thoroughly likely. The person of true be personally on the scene, can from the predestined relationship austral gorge or the one share that boreal predestined relationship enjoys big gorge. This answered however " not be a the truth of sth. , it is along the body only in this hill " truth.

American writer makes an appointment with writing · Muir (John Muir)1890 year itinerary write after big gorge, "No matter you had walked along how many, had seen how many famous mountains and great rivers, you can feel big gorge ases if can consist in another world, another heavenly body. " this character not empty. Keluoladuo is big the miracle that gorge is nature, arrived here, what you just can realize yourself is insignificant, or is the mankind before nature god insignificant. Stand in gorge brim, you are met uncannily how is this land broken by uncanny workmanship ground before you, show inside multicolored layer upon layer section. The abyss below cliff is abysmal, although have,protect column round, but the charm that comes from that abyss still lets person be terrified, dare not face up to. You can suspect you arrived at the door hell, and dark king is laughing to look next prey up and down. Or the end that you can feel you had taken the world, gu casts whole world only in back. It brings you the awe of a kind of nondescript, the history of alleged mankind, of time elapse, appear to also can be attributed to a sand and dust only before this chasm.

Pardonable an American writer says, "When I come here, still be atheistic, devotional disciple becomes however when leaving. " really, abrupt lie across is in so grand and arduous big gorge before the person, let a person very hard explain its presence with groovy reason really. A lot of people keep out one dug hard unexpectedly alluring, the choice rides mule or equestrian go entering by cereal swing to meet with. If lay cereal foundation really, another heaven and earth can be here. Be in " Tartarean " in, also the anguish that may not is about to bear very close to each other. What you experience is nevertheless in those days western bull-puncher gallops the life of wasteland. The bull-puncher that often appears in American western is equestrian carry on the arm gun, at least gallops the scene on desert laterite ground is in those days the portraiture of big gorge area. A lot of western still are here find a view, because of here western amorous feelings is the dinkummest.

Here burning sun as before, laterite still is put, it is bull-puncher changed a tourist only. No matter say whats cannot replace personal experience, keluoladuo is big gorge is to take the experience that needs him everybody to disentomb. Someone says to be here everybody can be faced with ego, it is really probably such.

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