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Population of city of Korea head Er increases 4 years continuously, foreigner po
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A newest completely beautiful investigation points out, inferior emigrant education degree resides Yi Xin the coronal of all a group of things with common features descendants, person of half the number has college degree, tall even Yu Bai's person (41%) , also outclass descendantses on the west (10%) .

  Foreign citizen of Chinese origin does poineering work richer enthusiasm

Do poineering work in oneself respect, ab extra immigrant and native show same enthusiasm in independent poineering respect. Immigrant and native are engaged in the scale similar of the person that run an industry independently. The immigrant of 11.3% and the native of 12.6% are engaged in his dicker. And between the immigrant that pursues him trade and native, its income level also agrees basically.

But there also is different tendency among immigrant. Come from the immigrant of the country such as Korea, Iran, Italy, Vietnam, the enthusiasm that does poineering work than him native is taller. But look on the whole, if eliminate of will ab extra emigrant element, him native achieves the scale of already battalion not to suffer emigrant effect.

Have the average level of American society quite, foreign citizen of Chinese origin has more intense poineering impulse.

" the United States inferior descendants market " findings report shows, have any investment inferior descendants scale is 43.7% , 39.2% of American of prep above collectivity.

2002, the company that completely beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin has (Firms) gross is 290 thousand, 26.35% what Zhan Yayi enterprise counts 1.104 million, turnover (100 million dollars of Revenues) 1063, zhan Yayi gross 32.6% 326.3 billion yuan.

Look from the proportion that holds total turnover, inferior the turnover that descendants exceeds 45% comes from wholesale commerce (26.7%) and retail trade (19.9%) ; Do not have friendly intercourse occupy industry measure to look, exceeding 45% is service line of business.

In enterprise of this explicit foreign citizen of Chinese origin, many is a family model small company, the company that 65% is control not employ and personnel of very few service. Have 1.1 million inferior descendants is he becomes a boss, what the cafeteria Zhan Yayi that its China person opens opens restaurant most probably.

In addition, immigrant worker and this locality are born the labor is on-the-job the difference of respect of course of study is a notable key.

What must point out above all is, have the profession that place of labor of millions this locality pursues, also be the profession that immigrant worker centers quite at the same time. And the industry that immigrant worker centers quite also is quite clear. But this cannot conclude accordingly say, immigrant worker does the thing that those this locality labors do not wish to work only.

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