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The characteristic of Australian Chinese society
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Younger Chinese immigrant society

Compare with the Chinese society photograph of and other places of southeast Asia, North America, australia China company is a younger Chinese immigrant society. It has its distinguishing feature: Nearly 30 years population grows quickly, population origin diversification, and maintain culture self-identity.

"White bay the history of policy "

20 centuries before 50 time, australian government pursues " white bay policy " , restrict inferior descendants is emigrant. Because be in this at that time,the Chinese that Australia lives has two kinds basically only, one kind is 19 centuries immigrant the descendant to Australian Chinese, another kind is each country arrives bay the student studying abroad of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that study abroad.

According to statistic, 1966, complete bay the Chinese is 26723 people, 0.23% what occupy Australian total population. In March 1966, bay the government is preliminary abolished " is white bay policy " . 1974, the government announces new land settlement policy, namely the whole world is consistent, do not have the discrimination of racial, color of skin or citizenship.

Turn and development

From this, australia begins to admit immigrant of large quantities of foreign citizen of Chinese origin. 70 time end, australia accepts those who come from Vietnam, Kampuchea, Laos to imprint in succession a refugee about 8 to 100 thousand, within has an in part is foreign citizen of Chinese origin. 1994, bay the government gives touch before June 20, 1989 bay student studying abroad of 36 thousand chinese mainland counterpoises habitat, in those days, complete bay Chinese population exceeds 400 thousand. Subsequently, family of application of this batch of student studying abroads arrives Australia, in 10 years, the Chinese immigrant gross that comes from chinese mainland makes an appointment with 15-20 10 thousand people.

In addition, what still have area of Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Taiwan is lawful with illegal immigrant. According to speculation, complete now bay Chinese population has 700 thousand person about, 4% what occupy Australia total population.

Because come from different country and area, the composition of Australia Chinese appears unusually complex, their religious belief is different, different, language also has political belief difference.

Because the age is older,Vietnam Chinese emigrates, the intercourse language between them is given priority to with Chinese, new horse Hong Kong and Taiwan even the immigrant of new generation Chinese of chinese mainland is different however, they basically can tell fluent English, some does not know Chinese even. Nevertheless, there is enthusiastic personage to advocate in Australia China company establish national Chinese mass organizations.

The policy of diversity

Australia government is carried out multivariate culture policy, encourage minority to preserve the language of oneself and culture, australia China company is in open of a lot of cities class of Hua Wen take lessons after school, attend class on the weekend. Although the government was offerred on policy,go to the lavatory, the 2nd generation also has learned the Chinese in Ceng Zaixue school Chinese, but use because of embarrassed and organic meeting, because this level is average poorer.
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