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The first time in life knocks the experience that do obeisance to a ticket
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How to save province choosing to end eventually. Enter into an election contest from what Yuan sea boasts 11:30 in the evening headquarters comes out, I was stepping on accelerator to rush 404, will go to work even tomorrow, buy food even, wash the dress even, resemble same yesterday. Before a month, I do not know to have a province choosing. After two days, all marks on the driveway can be demolished. Everybody can forget this province to choose gradually, but this one month makes a paragraph of the most unforgettable experience in my life however.

I am actually one very the person of lax in discipline, open a this field of 92 years, leasing the building of one room, the greatest dream is where to to spend money. Leave newly still even make put relaxed (the website of Funchasing.com) , want to let a Chinese can loosen live loosely gently namely. I am a day life and death absolutely the person of faithful freedom party. My wife more absolutely, walk into polling booth to ask me again which it is new the Democratic Party (of NDP) , drew a circle to come home together with me.

Myself is not clear how can help the Conservative Party enter into an election contest, but I like Yuan Haiyao very much (Alex Yuan) . The immigrant of generation, can build up from nothing, drive the software company that has a success, after succeeding in him, return society of can active redound, establish children fund to help children, with respect to the example that this different is a Chinese. The voice that I feel the Chinese is in Canada is too young, every political parties and groups is due a few foreign citizen of Chinese origin appear on province parliament, this is all argument that I help Laoyuan play a bank note.

Entering into an election contest is a very bad thing really. Previously place oneself outside its, newspaper reads on the subway, watch TV in the evening, drive go out to look all the way brand, go next polling booth is voting, such. After oneself are experienced personally, just know those signs on original driveway, it is volunteers one knocks, through house advocate agree to just be put in roadside.

This should have how many person to knock! And I also beat the door 4 weekend unexpectedly.

Just began to knock, I still hold out be agitated, beat the foreigner's door, what to say. Although said to live in Canada so old, flow with old diplomacy all the day, but there still is very big estrangement on culture, cannot open a mouth into bar. Go knocking always cannot repeat what the book says carries the word on the back, serve a data to be done obeisance to do obeisance to a person. Beat the door really, just discover most Canadian is very affable really, they the self-confidence that to me the smile of this stranger increased me, helped me open a mouth, so this also is not very difficult. A Xiaoshi comes down, beat 50 doors, knocked 10 to be less than, persuaded two to let us put a sign, a market did not go.

Of the first time in life knock do obeisance to a ticket, let all entering into an election contest I am right the admire of from the bottom of one's heart of generation of a secretary in charge of sth. Have the person that organizes ability very much only, ability is quite in the time of a month, enrol so much the volunteer that does not give money, whole town every every door knocks the past, refuse to obey be no good.
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