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Australian abb course of study is seen without exception
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Australia and Chinese abb course of study are mutual depend on sb or sth for existence greatly. Australia is the biggest wool production country, the 98 % of its crop uses outlet, and China is the country of the biggest abb textile production on the world and consumptive country. There is 60% to come from in the abb that imports in China at Australia.

Abb grade

In Australia, what fine fur points to is fiber diameter is the 19.6 beautiful Nuo abb to 20.5 micron, exceeding fine fur is 19.5 micron the following. And China is 25 micron to the definition of fine fur the following. Fine fur basically is used at dress, and shag is used at furniture and carpet.

Production, consumption and commerce

China is the world's biggest sheep production country, share 150 million. China is the 3rd big wool production country of world. Homebred woolen characteristic is dumpier in. China produces 160 thousand tons of abb every year, among them 120 thousand tons of fine fur that are Chinese standard. But, have only among them very one of, about 40 thousand tons can say for beautiful Nuo abb.

Australia is the 2nd big sheep of world produces a country, gross just exceeds 100 million. Australia is the biggest wool production country on the world. It is more long and thin that Australian abb highlights a characteristic, this kind of abb is to produce from beautiful Nuo sheep. Australia produces abb every year 330 thousand tons, among them the abb diameter of 91% under 25 micron. Australia exports 180 thousand tons of abb every year to go to China, among them 85% it is 23 micron are the following.

Abb industry producer

China's main abb produces a division is the prairie area of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province.

In Australia, er person city has Xin Nawei most Mao Mianyang, gross is amounted to 37 million, it is next on the west bay city (25 million) , Victoria city (22 million) , south Australian city (13 million) .

Garment industry of China

As home sale and export increase, abb textile industry of China is developing. The raw wool containing fat that China imported 2004, defatted abb and small treatment abb achieved 224 million kilograms (clean wool weight) , this is the world the one times above that Italian entrance measures country of entrance of the 2nd big abb.

Abb cloth demand of China also is in maturity. The industry is being produced a series of abb finished product, need to use beautiful Nuo abb more very much among them. Australia offerred major fine fur to China, and the scale of fine fur is returned rising ceaselessly. When 1994, australian exit has 3% only in the raw wool to China is a diameter under 19.5 micron exceed fine fur, this number now have been 30% above.

According to speculation, china still can continue to grow to woolen demand. International Wool Secretarian estimates, china is met to dress woolen demand measure 256 million kilograms from the clean gross weight 2004 (the 35% of demand of global dress abb) , growth goes to 473 million kilograms of 2010 (occupy global 62% ) .
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