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The scale of the Chinese of Sydney and local
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The Chinese is Australia the 2nd big a group of things with common features group, and more and more expand, sydney is a Chinese most centralized city, also be the city that accepts most China immigrant, that is to say, although the immigrant that China comes to is discharged only the 2nd, the 3rd, in each years, it is England sometimes the first, it is New Zealand sometimes the first, it is India sometimes the first, but of settle Sydney is China the first, and the Chinese overseas Chinese that does not include to come from Xin Matai and other country inside this, also do not include to come the Chinese that there is at least 1/4 again among the of nearly 400 thousand student studying abroad that Australia studies abroad, feel so on, the Chinese is Sydney is the biggest phyletic, perhaps itself is a Chinese, cannot leave oneself culture, do what thing no matter so, always can hit with the Chinese hand in. Be in Sydney, the commodity of consumption besides much is China outside making, enter a higher school, buy a house, look for labour to wait a moment, it is better to go up as a result of other and phyletic feeling make do, it seems that the competitor is a Chinese more very.