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Emigrant and abroad Englishman is record-breaking
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The Englishman with vivid new student of emigrant and abroad pursuit more and more more, shared 400 thousand person to leave England last year, achieve new record.

According to national statistic bureau (Office For National Statistics, ONS) data, shared 400 thousand person to leave England 2006, more than 2005 41, 000 people.

Statistic makes clear, last year among the 400 thousand person that leaves England, have 207, 000 people are British citizen, major person migrates Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or United States.

Besides British citizen, other departure British person (193, 000 people) it is the blame England citizen that lives more than 1 year in England.

Resident England

Meanwhile, statistic of emigrant number year also shows, altogether had 591 last year, 000 people immigrant settles to England, deduct the 400 thousand person that leaves England, england increased immigrant 2006 191, 000 people.

Among the person of resident England, the biggest a group of things with common features group it is the South Asia country such as India, Pakistan, Bengal and sri lanka, the immigrant that comes than Poland and home of other Europe allied country is even much.

Coming to England work is these immigrant go to England the mainest reason, but the number that comes to England read is amounted to 157, 000 people, also achieved new record.

Among the person that immigrant settles to England, london is their first selection, but the appeal year after year of London drops, when 2000, the new immigrant that has 43% chooses resident London, but the new emigrant and resident London that arrived to there is 29% only last year.

Emigrant problem

British government sector expresses, england increased immigrant last year 191, 000 people, immigrant increases extent to be reduced two years continuously, than 244 2004, 000 people became little 22% .

Governmental official shows, altogether had 193 last year, 000 foreigners leave England, the number that application takes refugee also achieves the lowermost record since taking the place of 1990.

"The land settlement policy of British government is being experienced change considerably, rolled out new measure to include immigrant plan to distribute a system, integrated border land runs an unit, and foreigner Id. And foreigner Id..