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Australia is the most beautiful city: A gets Lai heart
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A Delai heart is the city with the most beautiful Australia, everywhere of Victoria type construction is visible, be permeated with artistic breath. Throw elegance temporarily literary, temporarily place oneself is clean the nature scene of boundless, stroll temporarily at satisfied carefree small town, temporarily oblivious of oneself at filling the brew famous scenic spot of affection of Europe land wind. Arrive south Australia, it is such round-the-clock much appearance colorful!

Regard the culture of colony period as town of military importance, a Delai heart is full of full-bodied Europe land amorous feelings, be fully loaded with amazed kangaroo island to let you kangaroo of 0 distances contact, seal, sea lion, still strange cliff blames arch of stone, admiral... in Australia Ba Luo of well-known spirits country is sanded, experience another appeal of wine place of business and Gu Bao; Old and classical horse is taken to haul electric car in beautiful dimension spy harbor; Bring you to search the immortal small penguin that hides in the hole, appreciate particular bay type honest; Stroll at garden city Melbourne, along the ocean road of scene charming and gentle, head for the 12 disciples stone with peculiar appreciation, still have a surprise unceasingly shopping fun makes you clinking get drunk likewise! Recommend play a way:

A Delai heart is keep intact bay the concentration of culture tourist attraction the ground, have the whole world most Australia is aboriginal of cultural relic south bay museum, national library, south bay artistic house and national bishop center, and the culture highway that these all are located at A city centrally -- north his Yun Si.

Will to A get Lai heart, can miss local cate how again. Regard Australian mellow wine as cate, a city owns sundry famous meal resort, if be located at tide overcomes the Good   Life of the street centrally Pizza of   of   Modern   Organic, seaside is small the cafeteria of authentic meaning type of the street waits the Oukangnai with the Esca that presses down Geleier, shady greenery a moment.

A Delai heart is the bethel that shops to need madly all one's life absolutely, in environs of exalted the eastpart part, very other people is worth articles for use of newest fashionable dress and household somewhat; Downtown has boutique of various high-quality goods and store of famous brand fashionable dress, there already were more than 550 retail stores on La Daojie, and street of urban Williams king is complete Australia more the most delicate stylist is small the concentration of inn the ground. If want collect,newest disc or tide street dress up, write down Han Deli street or pilgrim of blue line street sincerely.

Additional, want the newest agriculture products in city of choose and buy, must come in the center of A Delai heart the market. This is the market of food having a lid with the biggest the Southern Hemisphere, inside bright will reject toward, include is various unripe fruit vegetable and small feed, assure to be able to make you happy and forget to return.
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