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The European amorous feelings of North America mainland -- Quebec
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1.Multivariate the assemble of culture the ground

Canadian Quebec acceded French tradition and culture, follow of England parliamentary. Add in recent years emigrant tide, the international color of Quebec is thicker and thicker, it is red-blooded, open to the outside world, it is the modern society of a diversity, living standard belongs to the world top-ranking.

2. Vast region

Quebec region is vast, the area amounts to kilometer of 1.66 million square. Its area is equivalent to 3 France or 5 Japan, it is 7.3 times of England. The land of Quebec has a half to be enclothed by the forest about, the population of 80% lives in Lun Sihe of southern emperor fatigue coastal region. Climate is delightful, the four seasons is trenchant: Spring warn and sunny weather, summertime colourful this world is illuminated high, autumn glows, winter white snow is pure white.

3. Perfect welfare system

Quebec has what build according to equal principle very perfect medical treatment insurance and social security system. All Quebec citizen, no matter economic atmosphere how, can attend insurance of public be in hospital and medical treatment insurance, enjoy free medical treatment and free hospitalization thereby.  
4. The international trade that develop

Quebec joined agreement of North America free trade, this agreement had go into effect on January 1, 1994. It infiltrates for the service of Quebec and product the United States and Mexican market offerred advantage. Quebec has been become now is North America an essential commerce is companionate, it had exceeded Taiwan, England and Korea to commodity sale of the United States, become the 6th large area of the United States that offer money.
5. Complete foundation is built

Quebec region is vast, because this built efficient modern liaison man,be carried and communication network. Road network and railroad network pervade Quebec is all area, join with the big city of Canada and United States. Holy fatigue Lun Sihe is coastal 10 come an annual of deep water harbor is open. In addition, the infrastructure of Quebec still includes 3 International Airports and airport of more than 100 places.

6. International banking center

Money market is having crucial effect to retaining the economic vigor of Quebec. Montreal is accepted, one of the most important international banking centers. Quebec has 8 in 11 concessionary banks of Canadian, bank of 19 foreign countries (already set their Canadian branch or head office 10 times among them in Quebec) .  

7. Top-ranking standard of living

Quebec person enjoys the world's first-rate living standard. The per capita of Quebec resides thirteenth in country of member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Average per capita of Gross National Product is worth a mark the rich degree of a country, and this index of Quebec discharges the 16th in the richest on the world nation.

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