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Pommy special subject: British hi-tech immigrant introduces
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British hi-tech is emigrant (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - HSMP)

For the person that develop to longing to be in abroad and settles, the England of level of tall welfare system, high education, solid culture inside information and environment of favorable security of society, it is a very good choice undoubtedly. Its climate is friendly, the environment is delightful, politics is stable, dweller life is rich, national welfare system is advantageous. England is the 3rd big market of European, and London is Europe's largest banking center, 4 thumb count international banking stock market one of. British investment climate is advantageous, it is Europe's most welcome investment country all along, global rank is next to the United States, the global investment to the European Union amount, england occupied about 40 % .


Since January 28, 2003, british Home Office begins to execute hi-tech formally to emigrate (policy of Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - HSMP) . Reduce technical immigrant considerably " application standard " , make emigrant England becomes easier implementation. Current, category of the age with emigrant to hi-tech England, profession and English level do not have any limitation, want to accord with a condition only, anybody can apply for family immigrant England. Be patient of of this hi-tech immigrant is special skill, the professional of ability or working experience enters England to work legally or employ oneself achieve office to manage. This is come to England 30 years open to the outside world first its land settlement policy. This policy carries out two years to come, the technology that comes from world each district in great quantities emigrates to enter British job and life legally, include a lot of applicants that come from China among them. Besides investment settler, the Chinese that this policy works to been in England and learns as much applicable.

Unlike of immigrant of conduction England hi-tech applies for Canadian technology to emigrate to be able to obtain immigrant visa directly in that way, the work that needs a course 1 year however period, what achieve British government demand 5 years completely is square after add is signed can change into emigrant identity. Whole conduction process is as follows: Above all, the applicant needs to present application material pommy bureau. Permissive hind, the applicant will get a piece of job is permitted (Work Permit) , can apply for visa to the British diplomatic mission of seat or consulate next, visa period of efficacy has 2 years. Get visa, mean an applicant namely preliminary gain pommy competence, the applicant can enter England with working status and establish in British churchyard enterprise. The applicant can regard employee as full-time job, also can be employed oneself or part-time managing other business. A month, the applicant can apply for the add autograph of period of efficacy 3 years. After 5 years, the applicant can apply for England termless permanent and resident authority (ILR) . Can apply for British passport the 6th year more, become British citizen.
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