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The tenet that immigrant of Hong Kong technology plans
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This plan is an immigrant that sets quota inducts a plan, aim to attract new enter a country and do not have enter Hong Kong and linger in Hong Kong the hi-tech talent of the right or actor just come harbor is resident, jie is in with promoting Hong Kong the competition ability of global market. The applicant that wins approval need not be in come appoint to a position of this locality employer is acquired first before harbor is resident. All applicants all must accord with the requirement of basic qualification above all, just can establish system of two plan branch according to planning place among them one gets a mark, with quota of other applicant competition. System of two plan branch is respectively " aggregate cent makes put together " and " achievement plan cent is made " . The applicant that wins approval can be taken reach 18 years old with the spouse the following and maiden reach suffer raised children to come harbor, alone its must can proper motion burden gets the life that raises a person to be in Hong Kong and room, do not need to count public support.