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Act of new immigrant of United States of heavy technology light family times suf

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The many groups of American that support immigrant conveyed them to reform the attention of act to senatorial immigrant a few days ago, those who point out this act that pays attention to skill won't resemble assemblyman acceptance possibly is right in that way foreign worker is advantageous. The leader of a few organizations is afraid, the family that the concerned regulation in this act may be Latin America immigrant and them to much brings overmuch burden.

Reform is ongoing best opportunity

American sound reports, relevant proposed law is sought settle American border security and this country the positional question of 12 million illegal immigrant. Presidential Bush and the proponent that immigrant reforms say, improve the emigrant system with heavy problem for the help, formulate this act is indispensible. The regulation in draw up includes to take more strict attrib border safety precaution, temporarily the way that customer project project and the worker that for the United States those do not have official capacity win legal status place to appoint.

Bush undertook plead for senatorial proposal, think this is the way that reduces illegal immigrant and the lawful immigrant chance that improve foreign worker. Bush says, it is open to question that he understands a few immigrant to set. He says: "If you want to ensure really our border security and make count with 1 million plan illegal immigrant walks out of a shadow, so this spans the best opportunity that clannish act is forward stride. So this spans the best opportunity that clannish act is forward stride..

Bush has expressed, he hopes to be in reform bill emigrates this in the round sign law before the end of the year this year.

Legislative assemblyman launched intense debate to these proposals, enter a country to ask with visa in what change foreign worker especially, and on the concerned requirement that the country that asks the worker that does not have the identity returns him goes filing green card or is resident license. Inside a few weeks predicting senate will be right this act undertakes deciding by ballot.

Weigh skill and light family

Ruifulin of director of emigrant forum Liaison Division says the whole nation with Washington emigrant support, to visa the change of policy is the changeover of inchoate to the United States policy in draw up. He says: "The handled immigrant 40 years with the United States in the past means that senate is arguing has very big different. "The handled immigrant 40 years with the United States in the past means that senate is arguing has very big different..

Ruifulin says, an immigrant passes a family or visa policy of the United States emphasizes all the time is the job those who go up is associated and the connection that establishs with the United States. He says, one is based on ability of emigrant applicant English-speaking, education level or it is the proposal that the profession will come to make component may bring about this system apt the worker that those have skill, is not those do not have or be the person that does not have how many skill. The personnel that its may bring about producer, builder and other to work by what a lot of illegal immigrant are doing at present as a result is in short supply.

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