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Immigrant of the technology that impose a state is delayed to 7 years to invest
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Emigrant adviser points out, the technology of emigrant ministry keep long in stock emigrates a case increase, handle the time of application now, lengthen by 5 years to 7 years, emigrant ministry plans to increase the quota of people that invests immigrant, by annual 1, 000 come doubly 2, 000.

According to the report, just attended the Liu Xipeng that holds annual meeting of first Canada emigrant adviser in Dongan to divulge, from the meeting hear of of official of agency of each immigrant visa, emigrant ministry receives technical immigrant to file increase, and official inadequacy causes a case keep long in stock, await period meeting to be lengthened by 5 years to 7 years.

Also mention on the meeting, begin next year, adding the technical worker inside territory, can handle emigrant application in churchyard directly, and inferior provincial capital is inducted 25, 000 technologies labor.

Liu Xipeng discloses at the same time, plan to increase the quota that invests immigrant federally, by admit global quota of people every year 1, 000 are added to 2, 000. Invest emigrant applicant to need 800 thousand yuan of capital, can invest 400 thousand yuan, capital must be answered after 5 years, or pay 120 thousand yuan not to return investment too. When needing before this kind of application come one year 3 years two partly, but believe to will be accelerated henceforth need 9 years only.

Additional, emigrant ministry is announced on the net touched 2006 increase emigrant and preliminary number, reckon 250 thousand person goes to Canada, relatively the 260 thousand much person of the year before last year, reduce more than 10000 people.

An He and the new emigrant strength that low poem saves by exalted fall after a rise, inferior dispense with one branch alone beautiful, appear 5 years continuously growth. With amplitude plan, inferior province nomination recommends emigrant plan amplitude is highest, adjacent 80% .

The number of emigrant ministry shows, approved 2006 those who go out touch add emigrant estimation to amount to 251, 511 people, relatively 262 last year, 236 people became little 10, 725 people, among them the biggest growth belongs to domestic category, first degrees are broken through 70 thousand National People's Congress closes, much 7, 000 more than person.

Economic category respect, the technology is emigrant (main applicant) the number decreases apparently, by 52, 266 people are decreased to 44, 148 people, little 8, 000, reflective economy and family reunite two categories appear the concern with this disappear chief the other party.

In stay area respect, an Hexin is touched add immigrant to have 125, 919 people, be from 2005 140, the high point fall after a rise of 533 people, little 15, 000 people. Low poem province is similar also, stay number by the year before last year 44, 767 people are decreased to 42, 204 people, still was in the past 10 years inside the 3rd tall. Retained litre of power 5 years all the time in the past inferior province, new immigrant breaks through 20 thousand person first degrees.
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