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The basic qualification with Hong Kong emigrant technology

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The applicant must accord with following all basic qualifications:

The age
When the applicant applies for according to planning to refer originally, the age must be in 18 to 50 years old between.

Finance asks
The applicant must prove its oneself reach can singlehanded burden suffer raise a person (if have) the life during residing harbor and accommodation, do not need to count public support.

Good quality and style
Be in Hong Kong or other place no matter, the applicant must not have any criminal crime record or undesirable enter a country record.

Chinese ability
The applicant must have good Chinese or the book of English is written reach colloquial capacity (Chinese spoken language points to mandarin or language of another name for Guangdong Province) .

Elementary record of formal schooling
The applicant must have good record of formal schooling, general requirement is have by approbate university or higher education school to promulgate awarded college degree. Below special situation, can add reach in order to prove the good technology qualifications and record of service of the file, certifiable professional competence / or experience and achievement Yi Ke win a consideration.

If the applicant fails to offer the proof document of offer of letter making a person, the proof accords with afore-mentioned all and basic qualifications, its apply for will instant by refus 絶 , do not obtain continue to handle.

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