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Triumphant get the better of technology of Australia of senior and analytic near

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At the beginning of June, according to Australia " astral island daily " report, the month on complete Australia applies for naturalization case comparing the corresponding period grew 44% considerably last year, dimension saves rise stronger, even more 60% .
Say according to personage of emigrant department information, this trend lasted in May, heretofore this money year application already the summation of annual of outpace 2005/2006 year. The number shows, complete in April bay application naturalization number is 11183, in March 13389. Since announced for the first time last year in September since taking an examination of English to try a plan, application naturalization number is gross 96153, than last year the same term is much nearer 20 thousand.

So, be what reason makes Australia at present new after all is emigrant application so hot?

It is reported, rose on September 1 from this year, australia will implement new technical land settlement policy. The working experience talent that in short supply profession needs to have proper time obtains immigrant to add cent, when making the school work of student studying abroad of very much this year's graduation ends application to emigrate, because do not have working experience, even if place learns major to be in detailed list of in short supply profession (on MODL) , also will cannot get in short supply major is divided. It is reported, new politics after carrying out, as Australia common technology emigrates one of 4 big postulate English requirement, will by current professional English level (namely elegant think of hear read write 4 5 minutes) raise ability English level (namely elegant think of 4 6 cent) , the emigrant mark that gives 15 minutes only to achieving the applicant of ability English (the active grading that reachs this level is 20 minutes of) . On the other hand, the applicant with outstanding to English ability immigration office sets tall deal out to grant to reward, if the applicant is elegant,concrete step is think of can achieve hear read write 4 7 minutes, give emigrant mark of 25 minutes. This and before had very big rise. Can say, for the compatriots that is not English to mother tongue, this will become compatriots a doorsill with application bay emigrant henceforth technology, because want to achieve elegant think of hear read write 4 7 minutes to be not easy thing, so this bay technical immigrant is new politics it is pair of many home applicant undoubtedly, especially the applicant with English not quite strong the gift of tongues closed an entrance door. In the meantime, study abroad graduate job visa (485 kinds) removed OK and organic meeting to apply for by a definite date to study abroad 485 kinds of 18 months on September 1 from this year graduate job visa, by this visa can continue to linger legally in Australia, do not suffer district to restrict free land to apply for a job. Accordingly, new immigrant is driven in the application before September in succession, with avoid naturalization the exam is opposite the adverse effect that applies for naturalization.

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