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Blame is technical immigrant becomes shortcut of emigrant United States
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A few days ago, emigrant United States, besides the relative immigrant and investment emigrate outside these two kinds of ways, american blame is technical emigrant project offerred the 3rd kind of alternative for everybody.

American blame is technical the 3rd kind when immigrant belongs to professional immigrant category (investment immigrant belongs to the 5th kind) , the employ that is the American employer that suits a qualification through obtaining emigrates then a kind of emigrant means of the United States.

Do American immigrant to have 3 kinds of ways

As we have learned, the United States' at present main emigrant category component emigrates for the relative and the profession emigrates two kinds big. And the way of conduction immigrant is relative immigrant and investment immigrant commonly. But, as a result of all over the world inside limits, the personage majority that applies for American immigrant is relative immigrant category, latency time is very accordingly long, 5 ~ are 11 years about when needing on average.

Outside emigrating except the relative, investing immigrant also is more familiar emigrant pattern. Although conduction investment immigrant is quick (about 9 months can be obtained temporarily " green card " visa) , but capital investment proportion is very high, it is 1 million dollar of 500 thousand ~ to differ commonly (quite about at 4 million ~ 8 million yuan of RMBs) , investing what emigrant applicant obtains is only " temporarily green card " , as a result of the limitation of its policy, invest emigrant existence to close not to answer investment capital already, cannot obtain again permanent " green card " risk.

And technology of additionally one kind of blame is emigrant, what say normally namely " labor " emigrant, it is to pass the service that obtains an eligible American employer to be able to realize another kind of emigrant United States convenient way.

Advantage of blame technology immigrant is clear

Compare with photographs of afore-mentioned two kinds of emigrant means, american immigration laws gifted blame is technical the dominant position with unparalleled immigrant. It is to deal with cycle weak point (36 months can do 18 ~ appropriate) , one pace reachs the designated position, receive permanently continuously " green card " ; 2 it is conduction doorsill low (ask without language, age, record of formal schooling, sexual distinction, as long as healthy, can deal with without crime record) , conduction fee be to one's profit (one person application, the family is emigrant) wait for marked characteristic; 3 it is to be in obtain " green card " hind, charge of filial enter a school is avoided completely, the family enjoys American welfare treatment.

As we have learned, obtain the United States then through studying abroad at present " green card " the process wants 5 ~ 10 years about, and parents cannot be accompanying children goes to the United States, children must be in obtain " green card " American citizenship ability was joined to put forward relative immigrant to apply for for parents after 5 years. From send the child to go to the United States to study abroad begin consideration, the time talent that around needs to cost about 15 years in all achieves a goal that reunites in the beauty.
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