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Bay Wen Saiduan of confederative and emigrant minister: Spill purplish or white
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Wen Saiduan of minister of Australian federal immigrant and obtain employment and Andrew of labor-capital relations minister published announcement jointly yesterday, call engineer of nursery director, surveyors, electric machinery, mechanical engineer and 5 new computers major of science and technology 9 kinds of talents, now supplementary already include the skill that Australian place requires emigrant and first category, emigrate namely professional demand list (MODL) . This list is adjusted aim " ensure immigrant plans to get used to demand of qualified personnel of technology of industry and commerce " .
Technical immigrant can add cent
Announcement points out, of MODL basically covering an object is category of 35 managers level, 41 industries category and other category. When the professional technology personage in these categories is applying for general technology to emigrate, can win the treatment that add cent.
After passing detailed labour market research and analysis according to Australian obtain employment and labor-capital relations ministry, MODL is made. Concerned research includes to seek advice from the opinion of employer and main industrial group, and every 6 months are adjusted, in order to ensure MODL gets used to the actual condition of labour market.
Tighten up a family to reunite kind of immigrant
Emigrant minister Wen Saiduan expresses Australian federal 21 days, australia will tighten up a family to reunite further kind of emigrant condition. This action is meant had obtained Australia the kin of emigrates to apply for them harder get on in years of permanent and resident status (basically be parents) come bay.
Howard government appears on the stage to be in office from March 1996 even more comes 10 years, the emphasis that already planned immigrant, from pay attention to a family to reunite, the change emigrates to pay attention to a technology.
The basis is newest to 2007 year immigrant planned 2006, australian family reunites kind of emigrant limitation it is 46000, and emigrant forehead spends the technology add reach 97500.
Computer person with ability is emigrant large family
Australian government decides, professional of the following computer is preferential the consideration is emigrant: Safety of GISSP, C /C#/C, Java, J2EE, network, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, PeopleSoft, SAP And SIEBEL. Two head of a departments are special point out, staff of in short supply computer is can is earthed up pull etc big city and a lot of places that are one youth life. MODL still makes clear, network safety is Australia comparatives imperative type of work.
The main demand with computer emigrant professional still is 45 years old the following, english is fluent, have IT aptitude at least 4 years from already check or do not have aptitude 6 years experience from course of study.