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Pommy special subject: British hi-tech land settlement policy is adjusted
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Often encounter the information that refers major key of land settlement policy of concerned England hi-tech to rectify recently. For this, go abroad online and emigrant channel introduces new policy of British hi-tech immigrant systematically.

Standards of grading undertakes major key is rectified weighing

Before two weeks, ministry of British internal affairs published new British hi-tech land settlement policy (HSMP) , right before standards of grading undertook great adjustment, include those who pass a mark to rise with multinomial billiard-marker standard revise, right new the application that submit will produce major effect. New hi-tech immigrant hits cent to be executed from November 8, arrive before December 4 to transfer period, this during emigrant application intermit is accepted. Compare with old policy photograph, the adjustment with new the oldest policy passes a mark to rise somewhat namely, be opposite the applicant's assessment limits respect, besides the age, record of formal schooling and recently the income before duty of a year changeless besides, get rid of adds cent besides working experience, professional achievement, spouse evaluate content, increased England works or be study experience to add cent. Main adjustment content generalizes as follows:

1, rise by 65 original minutes through the mark;

2, raise the age to add cent considerably, be in to the age 28 years old of the following applicants are more advantageous;

3, raise record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above to add cent considerably;

4, those who increase year of income specified number differentiate paragraph, make the level that increases cent because of income is reduced;

5, the applicant specified number that gives Ceng Zaiying to the country obtains degree of undergraduate course above or working in England is adscititious cent;

6, increased mandatory English requirement and file to check a regulation, requirement English has elegant think of 6 above to perhaps comparative the English ability proof of degree.

New policy favour is young talent of tall record of formal schooling

The hi-tech immigrant new policy that this England publishs, tall to record of formal schooling, age small, salary is high, for the personage that and have British work experience or study experiences, before immigrant of application England hi-tech can be compared easy; And before emigrant to those British hi-tech new policy comes on stage, can experience through the job, year for the adds cent to achieve standards of grading of British hi-tech immigrant applicant of the respect such as income, spouse, although cannot deal with British hi-tech immigrant now, but they can emigrate through handling Canadian technology and can obtain emigrant status likewise.