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Be about to avoid exam Australia appeared in September naturalization of applica

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According to the report, sex of occurrence panic of Australia new immigrant applies for naturalization, the naturalization that should avoid the likelihood was carried out in September takes an examination of English and naturalization to want full doorsill of 4 years.
Complete bay on the month applies for naturalization case comparing the corresponding period grew 44% considerably last year, dimension saves rise stronger, even more 60% .

Say according to personage of emigrant department information, this trend lasted in May, heretofore this money year application already the summation of annual of outpace 2005/2006 year.

Since official first time allude to was carried out possibly in September new politics hind, countrywide application immediately interest rises, amplitude 26% , and dimension province is 31% .

The number shows, complete in April bay application naturalization number is 11183, in March 13389. Since announced for the first time last year in September since taking an examination of English to try a plan, application naturalization number is gross 96153, than last year the same term is much nearer 20 thousand.

Multivariate the Zun Zhiao of assemblyman of free party back row of culture organization and lofty stance (PETRO GEORGIOU) objects taking an examination of naturalization to try, consider as setting of discrimination blame English new immigrant.

Dimension province is multivariate the trend that GEORGE LEKAKIS of culture committee chairman thinks to driving naturalization appears not exceptionally, because immigrant feels naturalization take an examination ofing tries newly adverse to them, just generate this kind of panic

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