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Civilian quota of project of province nomination of Canada of the right season o
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On May 15, 2007, company of fund of CICI Canada international succeeds in Guangzhou garden cafe hold Canadian express to invest emigrant specification to meet, specific introducing the PEI province that CICI popularizes in China at present and plan of NB province nomination. Honored guest of give a lecture includes Canadian international fund (CICI) vice-president holds fund of international of presiding and emigrant big lawyer, Canada concurrently (CICI) the Asia always represents Mr. Raymond Ku. Those who attend this meeting will many 20 immigrant study abroad before the intermediary company of the industry, bay the Zhu Qian of vise general manager that De Huaxin breath consults limited company put a young lady on the ice to attend the meeting, the accept as a souvenir of official group photo of meeting hind and fund company.

On the meeting, ICIC vice-president Mr. Process of the application requirement that Andrew introduced PEI province and plan of NB province nomination incisively, application and emigrant advantage. Special introduced PEI to save nomination to plan from new April 16 this year open later a few change on policy:

1. Begin to carry out applicant lowest record of formal schooling compulsively to must have from now high school graduates or the same educational level

2. Applicant must one-time submit complete file and form, want attach to add money 2500 yuan

3. The company invests in what intermediary must affirm in submitting form, if all application cases did not indicate the investment firm of intermediary, application case will not be handled

4. 90 days are not had answer guiding principle —— to ask when the immigration office the applicant perhaps applies for agent to fill when perhaps submitting other data, if did not answer an immigration office inside 90 days, the immigration office can close this application case

5. Did not expose guiding principle —— to discover when the immigration office any perhaps was not handed over by exposure, disloyal allegation when any disloyal or con files, this application case will be rejected instantly

6. When the applicant the decision wants to the island reports for duty or live in Edward prince when, must want the province nomination to Edward to plan the office to do register.

The Asia of CICI always says on behalf of Mr Mr.raymond, plan of PEI province nomination is the investment with Canadian cognizance the at present rapiddest rate emigrant plan, general 8-12 the month can take green card. And the capital requirement that NB province nomination plans has an advantage for opposite PEI province, but what need time to want to grow a bit, investor is so OK when the decision invests a plan undertake choosing according to oneself actual condition. He still mentioned the question that emigrant quota raises, opposite for 2006, emigrant quota of Canada increased substantially 2007, so investor does not worry about emigrant application by refus, canadian government hope can promote the growth of local population and economy because of the addition of new immigrant.
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