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Japan works 3 years, can you deny application nationalization?

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Ask: After the university of my Japan graduates, work in meeting company full already 3 years, I and wife want to apply for nationalization, possible?

Answer: Press citizenship code of Japan to decide, the foreigner can obtain Japan record through nationalization, nationalization must want to receive the permission of law Wu chancellery.

The condition of nationalization is as follows:

1. Live in Japan continuously full 5 years of above

2. 20 years old of above

3. Moral character is good

4. Have certain assets to perhaps rely on a technology? Skill is had live reach viability

5. Obtain Japan record while must renounce native citizenship

6. Do not engineer, do not advocate, do not join any political parties that oppose a government with violent form and group

Look from your circumstance, come to Japan already 5 years of above, applying for nationalization do not have any problems.

About independent viability the crucial part that this are application nationalization. Must want to refer concerned income proof and pay taxes proof to wait.

Additional, nationalization motive book is very important. Want to sufficient fact and evidence will prove why he want to apply for nationalization, why to want resident Japan, its necessity wheres.

Although law Wu bureau did not announce judgement nationalization standard clearly. But look from our experience, to Japanese society contribution is spent it is easier to reach the person that has close correlation with Japan to get nationalization is permitted greatly.

Additional, carry incidentally, still one kind calls ” of “ simple and easy nationalization, simple and easy nationalization compares the conditional alleviation of common nationalization. The age of common nationalization asks 20 years old above, the circumstance of simple and easy nationalization is in Japan to live continuously like the nursling of Japanese countryman full 1 year of above, establishing adopt is minor when the relation, the person that resents 20 years old namely also can apply for nationalization. The person that still have the mate of Japanese countryman lives in Japan full 3 years above also can apply for nationalization.

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