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Announce tone to because immigrant of reason defer United States applies for cos

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Bar association of American immigration office says, the immigration office will announce tone to go up inside the near future emigrant application fee. Originally the shift that the immigration office plans to announced application to expend on May 10 this year goes up, but now because of reason defer. For all that, the attune that applies for cost goes up in short-term inside carrying out is imperative.

The United States " astral island daily " report, go up in the shift that announces at the beginning of this year Feburary according to the immigration office the data that files cost, whole applies for to expend go up 66% what expend for original application about. More notable is, the immigration office asks for leave I-485/I-131 a suit applies for card and the application fee make it that I-765 labour blocks, the I-485(that whole suit applies for to expend adult includes I-131 and I-765) to be 905 dollars, i-485 suit of the child applies for cost to be 805 dollars. If the applicant does not apply for I-131 or I-765 at the same time, immigration office also not go back price difference. Of course, dactylogram expenses also rises to 80 dollars by original 70 dollars mix.

American citizen and emigrant service bureau (Director USCIS) Gangsaleisi ever expressed on January 9, this bureau is analysing current emigrant application plan to expend, raise concerned cost considerably likely, go up achieve one times possibly even.

According to federal law exemple, USCIS almost holding cost should be assumed by oneself, collect fees with emigrant application and other burden its defray. The budget of this bureau restrains 2 billion dollar one year, this bureau can be amounted to now balance to income and expenses, because is a government,approve formerly piece special allocate funds, assist this bureau to handle keep long in stock case. Because immigrant serves demand to increase, this bureau is the office of distributinging whole nation to undertake self-criticism, include equipment of employee amount, computer and integral establishment to wait, may large-scale newer facility, in order to accelerate the plan of emigrant application. Because want to buy new facility, because this must raise emigrant application cost.

Gangsaleisi expresses, because he has not decide what equipment needs to update, sealedder the charge of these equipment, because this still cannot decide immigrant applies for charge how to much will increase, but he does not eliminate to raise the possibility of one times. The charge that files American permanent resident now restrains 400 dollars, but if case have a problem, applicant should pay exorbitant retaining fee possibly.

USCIS is uptodate and annual processing files a case about 6 million times. Because the government may pursue emigrant reform, the case that needs application at the appointed time will be achieved 10 million to 12 million. Although USCIS is OK,business is sentenced to handle the preliminary procedures of emigrant application outside recruiting, but the work that affirms setting of applicant identity, investigation and data save file to disk still must is in charge of by this bureau.

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