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Violent wind of fee of beautiful emigrant application goes up authorities is app

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American citizen and emigrant service bureau (USCIS)5 announces green card and citizen wait for application fee 29 days month, will go up at was being moved on July 30, yi city immigrant and alliance of beneficial of difficult civil rights (I-CIRR) gives to this severity is condemned, cao Yiren of this allied policy director (Fred Tsao) points out, american citizen and emigrant service bureau not consider popular wishes, implement tone price, show this bureau takes emigrant aspirations seriously far from.

Cao Yiren expresses, according to American citizen and immigration office 29 days release press release to point out, this bureau put forward to apply for to expend tone to go up this year in Feburary after plan, altogether receives 3900 to come from individual, organization, orgnaization answer. According to Cao Yiren's understanding, these answer the majority to object moving price, but this bureau acts wilfully however, still decide to rise in price.

According to American citizen and emigrant service bureau 29 days of announced new plan are expended, naturalization applies for charge to be 675 dollars, and green card applies for cost more be as high as 1010 dollars. Cao Yiren says, naturalization application expenses rises be as high as 7 to become, green card applies for more more than 1000 dollars, if draw the salary when federal is basic with,the immigrant of 5.15 dollars is versed in the person, must not eat to be not drunk, put the pay total number of 5 weeks come down, ability enough pays application the fee of green card.

Cao Yiren says, american citizen and this action of emigrant service bureau are shown heal all right more between they and people far, he thinks assemblyman of United States Congress also answers this to be answered somewhat, cannot citizen of sit by and watch and immigration office go up because of tone plan cost, add up to the way that changes a way to set for immigrant be restricted.

He thinks at the same time, by senator of Yi city congress Oubama reached congress representative last year in March ancient carry Ai Lei this the “ that puts forward jointly promotes nationalization act ”(Citizenship Promotion Act) , should be taken seriously, cannot let emigrant unit do as one wants on tone price.

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