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Australia naturalization tries fail can take an examination of passing ability 5

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According to the report, australian personage needs application naturalization only pay cash, can take an examination of naturalization 5 times to try.
The government announces in budgetary proposal, the application fee of Australia naturalization will turn over one times, add from 120 yuan reach 240 yuan, in order to offset the cost that naturalization takes an exam.

Take an examination of naturalization to try will be in draw near carry out before general election. In the meantime, if the applicant fails, can take an examination of naturalization 5 times to try, want the fee that pays only. According to saying, only passing ability must pay 240 yuan application fee.

Emigrant ministry is considering the issue in setting 3 two to must answer.

Wheat of emigrant ministry subaltern blocks a husband (ANDREW METCALFE) in ginseng courtyard public commission allocating funds says, basically applied for naturalization personage to take an examination of Fu Shen trying ability to be expended please, fail so need not pay.

He denies the examination questions sample book that reported a few days ago is out immigrant ministry, because did not order even the problem at present,come out.

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