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American immigrant applies for to collect fees will rise in price the Chinese th

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After listening to public opinion extensively, american citizen and emigrant service bureau (the end product that US-CIS) 5 announced 29 days month to immigrant applies for the attune on charge, application is emigrant each plan expenses will rise from July 30 rise in price. Begin to use emigrant service from that day new collect fees (Filing Fees) standard, of most category go up maintain the level that drafts by this year January.

Director SCIS Gangsaleici explains, raise plan cost to be able to let this bureau raise service level, he makes sure emigrant application case accepts time to be expected to be accelerated on average in end of 2009 financial year 20% . Changing green card (worker of immigrant of I-90) , application (I-140) , I-485 and naturalization (N-400) serves 4 kinds in, accept speed to be able to be accelerated before 2008 financial year end.

After USCIS analyses the criticism that many 3900 all circles rises to plan cost to complain, 29 days roll out the compasses after editing to expend a standard, new bid brigadier was in on May 30 confederative bulletin (Federal Register) lawfully announcement 60 days, on July 30 become effective, emigrant plan cost rises in price at this point decide on a verdict.

According to new standard, expenses of emigrant service plan rises generally, chinese most the category such as the H1B job visa that often applies for, I-485 and naturalization, go up bigger. The I-129 that applies for H1B visa expresses charge, go up to 320 dollars from present 190 dollars, this does not include in order to groom the American worker 1000 dollars that are a name are additional collect fees. Application is green when the I-140 form that blocks the first pace is handed over, collect fees will add from present 195 dollars to 475 dollars, take the identity with green the most crucial card to adjust (I-485) phase, application fee adds 1010 dollars from present 325 dollars. Nevertheless, after referring I-485, application answers beautiful paper to wait not to need additional pay cost.

When political asylum and refugee file green card, if the applicant already was in the United States, avoid pay application fee.

In naturalization respect, apply for the N-300 watch of naturalization, application fee is added from 120 dollars to 235 dollars; The N-400 when true naturalization, add 675 dollars from current 400 dollars (include dactylogram to expend) .

USCIS expresses, the compasses of decide on a verdict expends a standard to already included a consideration all circles opinion, the plan cost of some categories rises in price than what offerred on January 31 this year the standard is reduced somewhat. For example, 14 years old of the following children and parents file green card at the same time, when adjusting the identity, i-485 watch collects fees than January offer to reduce 25% , fall from 930 dollars namely to 600 dollars. The new bid brigadier that the over sixty years of age of 79 years old of above often refers I-485 to express is 930 dollars; The cost that common adult submits I-485 is 1010 dollars, include dactylogram to expend 80 dollars.

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