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Add emigrant ministry to allow to offer emigrant application in condition 內 in
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The annual meeting of first Canada emigrant adviser that Toronto holds comes out message, canadian emigrant ministry allowed to offer emigrant application in condition 內 Spring 2008 of purpose, 並 by allocate funds federally establish an area center. This center is likely 將 can be established in American buffalo city, if should plan to carry out, canada can be in in the personage 將 of visa of student of hold of Canadian condition 內 or working visa condition 內 application is emigrant, and need not return the original application that occupy the ground.

Emigrant ministry has not confirm

" round-the-world China newspaper " reporter 隨 is in namely Zhou Er (15 days) this matter of check of ministry of Xiang Lianbang immigrant. Emigrant ministry is lukewarm Bei Sai of spokesman of media of area of elder brother China (Shakila Bezeau) express in the email of the reporter that answer 復 , at present emigrant ministry already had the center that immigrant of a processing applies for in American buffalo city, accept the emigrant application that comes from the United States technically. Emigrant statement can file in condition 內 to Wu Youke, bei Sai expresses, if want to apply for permanent resident identity to still need to apply for outside Canadian condition,show level, but 並 did not have opportunity condition 內 to apply for publish a comment to whether be being met.

According to Canada current immigrant sets, the personage of hold job visa is after working visa maturity is full, need returns primary residence ground to give an emigrant application, give out announcement requirement interview till emigrant ministry or sign and issue certificate. Before also the personage chooses to expire in working visa first the application part that 將 immigrant files to send American buffalo city, reelection choose answers primary residence to the ground awaits or continue in Canadian condition 內 attend school. If emigrant ministry allows to apply for immigrant in Canadian condition 內 , 將 goes to the lavatory greatly the technical labor of condition 內 and international student studying abroad.

The student studying abroad expects most

File emigrant statement to may allowing condition 內 at emigrant ministry, emigrant and advisory firm expresses, if this regulation is carried out, 將 of the biggest person that be benefited can be the personage of student studying abroad and hold job visa. The student studying abroad expresses to welcome to this action, graduation expresses at the Li Xiao of university of Xi Menfei Sha, she hopes to should plan to carry out very much. After ever was her of international student studying abroad to graduated January this year, apply for the working visa to a year, show inaugural Home Wu Yi to invest a company.

Li Xiao says, according to her circumstance, emigrant application is sent when needing to expire in industry tack, and it is OK whether is she returned add sign in working visa of the 2nd year very it's hard to say. If do not have working visa, she is about to return Beijing 將 immigrant to apply for to be sent, for the company that assumes office now to be being mixed at her herself special inconvenience. She says, if can apply for in Canadian condition 內 , she can continue to work in this locality not only, the company also need not spend time to develop people of a new type again, it is the practice of kill two birds with one stone really.
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