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Add emigrant ministry to allow to offer emigrant application in condition 內 in
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Touch add technical immigrant number to drop

The newest statistic according to emigrant ministry is digital show, approved 2006 go out touch add emigrant estimation to amount to 251, 511 people, relatively 262 last year, 236 people became little 10, 725 people, among them the biggest growth belongs to Wu Jiating kind 別, first degrees are broken through 70 thousand National People's Congress closes, much 7, 000 more than person.

Economy kind 別 respect, the technology is emigrant (main applicant) digital decrease apparently, by 52, 266 people are decreased to 44, 148 people, little 8, 000, reflective economy and family reunite two kind 別 appears this disappear those closes 係 longly.

Stay area respect, install a province to be touched newly add immigrant to have 125, 919 people, be from 2005 140, the high point fall after a rise of 533 people, little 15, 000 people. Low poem province is similar also, stay number by the year before last year 44, 767 people are decreased to 42, 204 people, still was in the past 10 years 內 the 3rd tall. Maintained the Aerbaida of litre of situation 5 years to save all the time in the past, new immigrant breaks through 20 thousand person first degrees.

Additional, the rate that by current and federal investment immigrant treats is slower, the time of average application needs 3 to 5 years, federally also the number that 將 increases investment to emigrate, by so 1, 000 are added to 2, 000, raise the cognizance rate that invests immigrant thereby.

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