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Law immigrant minister says France will continue to insist to drive out illegal

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France held the post of emigrant minister newly 20 days to eliminate the possibility that large-scale legalization emigrates illegally, the land settlement policy that calls France new government will be “ is mixed sturdily practical ” , france will continue to insist to drive out the policy of illegal immigrant.

French immigrant and Bulisi of minister of national identity ministry Aotefu is accepting · of European broadcasting station when interviewing, say: “ we will must shelve massive legislative plan, it does not have the effect. French land settlement policy will be to be mixed sturdily humane, will have a lot of practical. ” immigrant and national identity ministry hold the post of presidential Sakeqi newly to establish by France, main and responsible emigrant general affairs and the viewpoint of value that protect France and society are shirt-sleeve.

France holds the post of presidential Sakeqi newly is standpatter personage, he ever strove for the vote that holds the French ultra-Right a group of people of same interest that opposes emigrant position actively. He establishs the course of action of new emigrant department to make his a few ally feel unhappy. Commenter says, the government ought not to feel emigrant general affairs and national identity self-identity lump.

Aotefu says, he plans to continue to insist to drive out the policy of illegal immigrant, drive out emigrantly illegally the amount predicts to will reach 25000 people this year. Aotefu says, he will ensure the implementation of this one target.

Aotefu says, he will interview the official of restaurant and hotel industry very quickly, these two industries special support is emigrant. Aotefu says, he will not reunite to carrying out the “ family of a long time ” policy raises doubt, this one policy allows to bring his family in French immigrant to France, but he expresses, this one policy may need to undertake with ensuring those and the personage that reunite in French family member can blend in French society adjustment. He says: The execution of this one policy must want “ to want to come considering those the dignity of French personage, conduce to them blending in French society. ”

Sakeqi expresses all the time, he hopes to ensure those come the personage that France and family member reunite can say French, their relatives and friends can provide economically support for arrival.

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