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Hong Kong is carried out since June 1 relax suffer raise a person to come harbor

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Government of Hong Kong special zone announces now, relax compasses canal suffers raise a person to come to what harbor lives enter a country policy will begin to carry out at rising on June 1 this year.

Government of Hong Kong special zone already was announced on May 18, the outback spouse of personage of concessional and following category reachs 18 years old the following and maiden suffer nursling daughter, application raises person standing to come with sufferring harbor lives. They are respectively, according to “ ” of policy of general obtain employment comes the personage of harbor obtain employment, investment and recieve training; Enter a country according to “ capital investor plan ” comes the personage of harbor; According to “ outstanding talent enters a country plan ” comes the foreigner of harbor and abroad Chinese; Come permissibly the abroad Chinese of harbor obtain employment; And promulgate in this locality the school that teachs degree repairs the abroad student that reads full-time baccalaureate or academy course.

According to introducing, this kind of application form case and fill out a form notice can enter a country to government of Hong Kong special zone clerical place headquarters and each agency are asked for freely; These data also can be in enter a country the webpage of place ( downloads; Application can pass through post or the guarantor in harbor to enter a country place put forward.

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