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Beautiful inferior descendants immigrant organizes: ひ of bend so as to breakstu

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Center of resource of law of immigrant of American san Francisco (ILRC) holds a press conference on May 31 midday local time, the advantages and disadvantages that reforms act with respect to immigrant makes an analysis, enhance the emigrant village knowledge to act. Inferior descendants immigrant organization thinks, having card immigrant to strive for legal status is to apply for family to come to the beauty to reunite, if the accessary condition of new proposed law causes greater sacrifice, the immigrant that do not have card would rather manage the current situation.

To make the public clearer immigrant reforms the advantages and disadvantages of act, the favour of lawyer approach handsome that the center invited Asian law party, Davis increases legal institute to teach Porfirio Quintano of chairman of party of village of Holly Cooper and Latin beauty descendants to attend, explain a family to reunite, emigrant and legal proceeding, immigrant detains the negative effect that waits for a respect, the press conference is to combine what 8 cities of countrywide hold together to detain one of emigrant actions instead.

Judith Golub of central administration director expresses, new immigrant reforms half of stand or fall, although act provides the medium of communication that applies for visa of legal status Z without card immigrant for home, offer more advantageous customer industry plan, but its are accessary the condition brings more corrupt practice for the emigrant system that has not perfected so. She says: “ emigrant reform is very fundamental, we not only need reform, more important is a good reform. ” with the president to avoid election period is close to overly, she believes congress apt is before August, make to immigration laws case vote.

The favour of lawyer approach handsome that represents Asian law party expresses, beautiful to Latin Yi Heya descendantses for the immigrant that do not have card, striving for legal status is to be application family member to come to the beauty settle, if act does not let a citizen apply for children of 21 years old of brotherly sister, above to come to the beauty, the immigrant that do not have card would rather manage the current situation, your reform law has be equal to without. She says, if congress fails to put forward to be changed constructively, they will sacrificed with accessary condition greatly by oppose bill. The family that act suggests every hands over brotherly sister and children of 21 years old of above after 5 years May 1 reunites application general reject a complaint, the applicant is not obtained return money.

Daiweisijia teachs Holly Cooper to express greatly, the environment of emigrant jail establishs a jail than general state even abominable, but many Fu child and the citizen that do not have guilty record stay several years to await a trial here, waste time for nothing. In addition, new proposed law abolished cannot permanent the regulation that detains immigrant, in other words, more severe to having what card emigrates to execute the law, have some of person that cannot be gone back to the motherland by repatriate, wait like Vietnam person and Iranian, be imprisoned all one's life accordingly likely, extremely inhuman.

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