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Singapore VS pommy policy differs greatly

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In recent years, singapore and England element of these two countries is being attracted with its beautiful city environment and favorable public order broad the successful entrepreneur that has emigrant intention, and a lot of people are right however the land settlement policy of this two big countries is not special understanding. Miss Xu Jing static that we ask Shanghai to because illicit discrepancy condition serves limited company,advance especially does an analysis to compare for this.

Investment kind is different

Investment means of England has two kinds: ● invests 1.05 million pound in England (about 15.5 million yuan of RMBs) at British national debt, by a definite date 5 years. ● chooses financing service: The applicant invests 170 thousand pound (about 2.5 million yuan of RMBs) as accrual, do not return still.

And the investment way with the mainest Singapore also has two kinds: ● invests 1.5 million new yuan (many yuan of about 750 RMB) at fund, by a definite date 5 years, fund redound is tall, average and annual the profit that has 15% , put in an applicant 's charge all, income is tax-free. ● invests 5 million Yuan Xinyuan (many yuan of about 2500 RMB) put at Singapore any banks or buy Singapore any property, annual redound is about 4% .

Living demand is diverse

England asks advocate the applicant must live every year in England half an year. And Singapore investment immigrant does not have living requirement, can live in Chinese job all the time.

Filial age asks to differ

England invests emigrant regulation advocate filial dissatisfaction of the applicant can deal with immigrant of 18 one full year of life at the same time, and the land settlement policy of Singapore is more loose, advocate filial dissatisfaction of the applicant can gain Singapore status of 21 one full year of life at the same time.

Obtain the cycle that always resides to differ

The application cycle with British emigrant investment is 3-6 month, what obtain at first is approval of British Home Office signs and issue 2 years of resident licence, next advocate the applicant is in England even annual in live to be able to apply for delay 3 years after full half an year, finally advocate the applicant is in England annual in live full half an year, ability can obtain termless resident license.

The application cycle with Singapore emigrant investment is 4-8 commonly month, after application is successful, family can one pace reachs the designated position obtain green card.

When be based on above, emigrant expert reminds broad the client that has emigrant intention, should join oneself case, the immigrant with cautiously right choice

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