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The United States brews plan cent making land settlement policy add induct emigr
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American government is studying new land settlement policy, expert of Canadian power natural resources is afraid, if the United States opens land settlement policy, foreign skilled personnel or meeting choose emigrant United States, more very person more Canadian will be emigrant the United States, impose a state or will lose the dominant position that will induct immigrant for years.

Till at present, family of overweight of land settlement policy reunites respect, but the new emigrant system that the United States shows to considering a similar Canada, with the individual of emigrant applicant qualitative element is like the grading such as education and technology.

The expert of invite applications for a job of course of study of Ottawwa science and technology says, they worry about the change that appears possibly.

Talent a collection of illustrative plates (Chairman Talentmap) and patriarch humble Ci are overcome in handkerchief spy (Sean Fitzpatrick) says, he worries about this pair of Canada particularly, induct the influence of ability of foreign technology immigrant.

He says: “ immigrant can make native economy powerful, but we will not attract them, because the United States is met,suck them entirely. ”

The Deaidisen in firm of manpower resource adviser (Reid Eddison) , the company of large science and technology that is Ottawwa area only provides advisory service. This company chairman and CEO Masson (Michelle Masson) is forecasted, this is not only effect. She says: “ can have more Canadian to head for the United States. ”

The United States is considering to reform, partial reason is this country the result of government of high-tech business go about selling an idea, hoffman includes in the center (Robert Hoffman) , he represents inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty (Oracle) and Microsoft (Microsoft) company, in American senatorial attest.

The Xi Menfei sanded university that low poem saves (economics of Simon Fraser University) teachs Dewoleici (Don Devoretz) , ever also was in the United States senatorial attest, because of,he says Canada from benefit of land settlement policy.

He says: “ our past has an advantage 30 years. ”

Dan Duolun much university (University Of Toronto) is phyletic reach immigrant to study an institute (Lai Ci teachs chief inspector of School Of Ethnic And Immigration Studies) (Jeffrey Reitz) says, if the United States reforms land settlement policy, these advantages will not answer exist.

He says, a lot of foreigners still are attracted by American fame, economic scale of the United States is 10 times larger, pay tax little and salary is normally higher.

He says: “ United States is most person the land of the first choice. ”