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Australia is emigrant on September 1 new policy: Content and form have big chang
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Ought to say this bay the reform with emigrant technology has extremely major change from content and formally.
Allow a side inside, change basically have:
· raises English doorsill requirement
· unites requirement of working experience time
· adjusts the element that make component, emphasize particularly on experience of work of English ability, Australia and Australia record of formal schooling
· allows nomination 50 minutes the emigrant application that occupational student studying abroad offers Onshore
· creates new visa category for student studying abroad and abroad specific graduate
Additional, in the detail respect of a few content, also have noticeable change, be like:
· allows homosexual spouse to become applicant in technical immigrant, offer visa application together
· asks to offer economy to assure no longer in all visa in common technology immigrant (AssuranceofSupport)
The professional detailed list that · abolishs Sydney and district of make choice of (SSASSL)
· makes minute of system finally certainly, include those who set 25 minutes to assure to outlying area relative assure divide and cancel investment 100 thousand bay yuan the way that gives award cent namely
· carries cent and passing fraction to new visa set
· clarifies detailed rules of two years of policy
· cancels to be in assure application still needs kind of the 2nd step in facing house visa win the demand that assure
· enlarges the limits of privilege of English ability exempt
In formal respect, bay emigrant ministry overturned thoroughly this the system of technical immigrant visa previously, after September 1, as above of new architecture of technical immigrant visa pursues:
The 2nd part: Visa applies for 4 big postulate
After September 1, 2007, 4 postulate besides the age requirements that active visa files as usual outside, the others produced change 3 times, they are English requirement respectively, nomination profession and working experience / two years of policy.
1. English requirement
New policy rose to file the English requirement of postulate as visa, the introductory standard English by current professional English level (elegant think of 4 5 minutes) raise ability English level (elegant think of 4 6 minutes) , but the applicant that is mechanic sort to nomination profession and the applicant that face house visa, can offer certain concession. Former still applicable profession English (elegant think of 4 5 minutes) requirement, and the kind that can carry pay English to learn cost to latter is applicable elegant the requirement that considers average branch 5.5 minutes (alleged ConcessionalcompetentEnglish) .
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