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What is K - 3 with K - 4 visa
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On December 21, 2000, " lawful immigrant and domestic balance act " (Legal Immigration And Family Equity, LIFE act) to K kind was not immigrant visa to undertake correction, its suitable scope enlarges the spouse of American citizen and 21 years old of the following and maiden children. Revise through this, the spouse of American citizen and maiden children can apply for K-3 and K-4 to be not immigrant visa to enter the United States, will complete the application of their permanent resident identity. One of main benefit of K-3 and K-4 visa depend on, if American citizen is replacing its spouse and child to apply for near immigrant, so its spouse and child are OK early a few months enter the United States and family to reunite.

Want to obtain K-3 visa, the applicant must be the spouse of American citizen, had handed over relative immigrant to apply for to the immigration office, and abroad spouse visa applies for the citizen (I-129F) already won approval. This form will be sent toward by American immigration office marry the American consulate of seat, if American citizen and spouse marry in American churchyard, it is right foreign nationality spouse resides a dwelling place to have jurisdictional American consulate now. >>

K-4 visa signs and issue beneficiary beneficiary of K-3 visa accompany.

K-4 visa applicant must be K-3 visa applicant or hold person 21 years old of the following and maiden children, do not ask they submit emigrant application before applying for K-4 visa, and they also do not need submit alone I-129F form. But, to assure to the problem does not appear in the process that adjusting the identity, proposal K-3 and K-4 visa beneficiary beneficiary hand over relative immigrant to apply for at the same time.

Obtain K visa to enter the United States to did not express to complete the whole process that applies for permanent resident identity. In enter a country the United States, after emigrant application gets approving, personage of immigrant of every K-3/4 blame must be handed over to the immigration office adjust identity application. If K-4 child did not hand over relative immigrant to apply for before, handing over adjust relative immigrant must be handed over to apply for while the identity applies for.

During permanent resident identity applies for to wait to approve, k-3 and K-4 visa hold person can hand over the job to permit application, obtain a work permit. K-3/4 visa is can come in and go out for many times of the condition, if visa of K-3/4 of hold of foreign nationality personage, can arrive outside American condition travel, and by effective K visa, can return the United States.

If the relative emigrates to apply for or adjust the identity to apply for to be overruled, or K-3 holder and its spouse (American citizen) divorce, delay did not apply for after perhaps expiring 2 years habitat, after 30 days when happen in afore-mentioned circumstances, k-3/4 visa will invalidation; Same, k-4 visa holder exceeds 21 years old or marry, immigrant of K-3 visa holder applies for to be approved, also can make the identity invalidation of K-4 visa applicant because this, although obtained K-3 or K-4 visa,enter a country the United States, also need to notice these item, appear in any one pace otherwise careless mistake, fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort.
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