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Asinine elephant amounts to an agreement illegal immigrant can become a full mem
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In controversy of senatorial emigrant reform last hour draws near during, as illegal as two parties assemblyman emigrant legalization reachs American ass consistent, the illegal immigrant that agrees to had been in the United States can become a full member instantly through “Z visa ” .

" los angeles times " report, disclose according to senatorial senior aide, “Z visa ” will issue what already was in the United States to those to accord with illegal immigrant of the condition, specific and initial date has not decide. They must be examined through safe setting, learn English, pay 5000 dollars fine. Inside wide deadline of 8 years, the householder of illegal emigrant family must answer diplomatic and consular missions of metropolitan United States to obtain visa, it is OK to assure regain United States. In green card the amount is mixed whether to allow relative immigrant side, two parties difference still is put, republic partisans view implements the system that accumulates check the number, encourage talent of high education, high skill to emigrate. Congress assistant discloses, reach the compromise plan that will accumulate check the number and relative immigrant to be united in wedlock likely. The ” of “ dream act that allows illegal emigrant children to enjoy the tuition inside the city also is reached consistent.

But overall difference is apparent still, senatorial people continue to talk later on in 15 days, reach before 16 days of deadline with will surely be being denied definitely consistent. The at present inside man of horse of republic dangshen assemblyman says: “ my inaccuracy decides us to be able to come to an agreement ” , because person of the Democratic Party is ceaseless,search the question that republic partisans thinks to had been solved.

Edition immigrant reform undertakes senate of 16 days of put up with argue publicly. The heart in chief of senatorial most party expresses, if cannot reach compromise, he will reform the immigrant that senate passed last year second reading Fu Zhu argues, but republic party assemblyman expresses, will ban senatorial last year edition second reading. Analyst of China government office says, if two parties assemblyman cannot reach overall compromise, debate of 16 days fails possibly, and the clause that a few days of two parties had reached compromise in the past also all one's previous efforts wasted.

Reed and Er of Nai of Mai Kang of chief of senatorial republic party hope to be able to come to an agreement, but the anticipation of two people differs somewhat. Maikangnaier expresses, what cross political parties and groups to forming is second reading still express hopeful. Li Dexi hopes proposal of two parties compromise can be replaced last year second reading, but although already obtained positive result,weigh certain respect, but the result that leaves need still has very long way to want.

Reed discloses, two parties have very big difference with respect to entrance labor, republic partisans holds to can be provisionality only to import a worker, cannot naturalization; The Democratic Party and civil rights organization think, if do not let naturalization, the United States will produce coarse estate.
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