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The United States increases Iraq and Afghan dragoman immigrant visa considerably
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The special immigrant visa that United States Congress agrees with to will send Iraq and Afghan dragoman increases decuple, because they are personnel of American military affairs and the work that diplomat does,make they become the target of coerce of needle of horrible and violent activity.

Associated press report, senate was passed 24 days with the means that vote orally late this is second reading. This are second reading will extend accredit every year two years with Afghan dragoman to Iraq henceforth 500 visa, at present American government provides every year 50 visa work for the U.S. Army to those full dragoman of a year.

At present, the visa of the person of those qualified emigrant United States applies for a large number of keep long in stock, wait to handle.

Kennedy of senatorial Edward · says: “ beauty state-owned responsibility helps those risking life danger to help the brave Iraqi of our country government. ” he buried Lu Ge of Cha De · to be initiated jointly with senator this is second reading.

Nevertheless, kennedy and someone else are bound by force still, still need to do more things, count the demand of the Iraqi with the because of the Iraqi war 4 years ago become destitute and homeless of 1 million in order to satisfy.

Estimation has 2 million Iraqi to escape because of war and activity of religious sect force this country, the person is carried on the back in home and still 2 million leave country. Bush-administration announces to will extend this year recently 7000 visa. Since the war began 2003, the visa that grants Iraq the refugee is less than 800 in all.

Additional, also announce before American judiciary is early, those people that can provide terrorist information can enjoy emigrant and favourable policy.

American judiciary official discloses, assorted of attorney general A overcomes Luo Fu to investigate Xiang Lianbang bureau director Miller and immigration office official to explain this “ collaboration plans ” further especially, this official says: “ Ashenkeluofute's minister will command to make known to lower levels of emigrant nationalization bureau, valuable to those offerring information, perhaps prevented horrible assault to make countryman of blame United States for arrest terrorist, can enjoy emigrant privilege. ”

It is reported, although some people know the information of terrorism, but they once disobeyed immigration laws, fear to be driven out, dare not speak a mouth tardy. American respect hope plans this to be able to encourage them these information bold speak out. Judiciary official says: “ this is an effective plan, we can perfect this one plan further. ”