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Cloth assorted thrust reforms American makings to induct more China technology t
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The American emigrant act that brews a long time burst on May 17, 2007 the light that gives a hope, “ is established before Bush of president of this United States be consideringed as leaves off his post the last chance of emigrant milepost ” , as a result of this act will more encourage a technology to emigrate to develop to the United States, reason has an analysis to think, this emigrates to China is a good news, once act is passed, the United States will see immigrant of more China technology lands the United States henceforth.

Of newest first phase " Washington observes " weekly report, to Bush character, if this act can be passed smoothly, it will become the United States 41 years the most important to emigrant system on the history revise. Law of part-time job of American Kang Naier college is taught, er of Ye of · of Si Difen of emigrant problem expert - fatigue Er says: “ emigrates this act is a milepost (Landmark) the consultative ” of type.

However, emigrant problem experts remind say, this act wants to be entered in congress close a success, still have overflow long way to want. Ye Er - fatigue Er says, this act is not the final compromise between congress and president. It is a few crucial assemblyman in American senate only emigrant problem reached some kind of agreement. But act has not been put vote before all senator, also approbate without what pass Boule.

Differ with active land settlement policy, this act has the breakthrough place of a few attention making a person. Above all, its illegal immigrant to stay in the United States strives for legalization position to open wide a gate. Bill provision, illegal immigrant of the United States always enters a country before January 1, 2007, in pay the charge of 1500 dollars, check through having the setting of criminal record, after showing good job to record, can apply for a kind 4 years effective “Z” visa, stay in American job, z visa can adjourn indefinitely. But this batch of illegal immigrant want pay the fine of 5000 dollars, in enter the United States green card just can file after 8 years completely.

Next, act put forward temporarily customer project project, allow 400 thousand ab extra immigrant every year to hold two years period visa enters American job. After visa expires, this batch of immigrant must want to go back to the motherland stay one year, put forward to go to beautiful working application afresh again. This kind of visa can adjourn 3 times.

Additional, act will reform existing visa system, turn the emigrant application that the relative concerns infirmly, turn and encourage the labor application that teachs a level tall record of formal schooling, high. The Er that press Ye - the word of fatigue Er says, the way that “ picks a foreign country to emigrate differred ” . Support relative concerns, especially the person that the American citizen identity of brotherly sister applies for to enter a country can decrease accordingly, act still lengthened this to approve a person to file the time of green card; In the meantime, in order to teach the immigrant for level of administrative levels, technology will because of this grow in quantity. Ye Er - fatigue Er forecasts say: “ this emigrates to China is a good news. You will see immigrant of more China technology lands the United States henceforth. ”
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