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Policy of Australian spouse immigrant visa
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Conjugal immigrant visa reunites with their direct spouse to those hopes and be together for the person that Australia lives is particularly important. This category gifts Australia is permanent dweller or the influence that the spouse that the citizen can apply for his to live in abroad lives together to Australia.

To emigrant plan, “ spouse ” husband of this word means, wife, or the real companion of Australian security. All application of conjugal immigrant visa, no matter be to be in Australia or it is overseas application, must assure by their spouse.

Security must be a citizen, australia is permanent dweller, perhaps accord with New Zealand citizen of the qualification, security must year full 18 years old or above. And, inside proper time, of the applicant assure application amount is finite.

The applicant should adopt two measure, but need an application only. Same share application can be mixed temporarily with applying for at the same time permanent visa. Once the applicant wins the approval of visa, can be issued above all temporarily visa; Repass is necessary after two years examine a program, the applicant can be issued again permanent visa.

Fiance (wife) visa

Living overseas, the fiance that hopes to live in Australia with them (wife) marrier can apply for to predict marital visa. One of requirements are both sides must have met, understand each other. Successful application can get having 9 months from the day that sign and issue inside effective temporarily visa.

If win approval, they must arrive at Australia, marry with their security. Apply for Australia inside this paragraph of time next permanent and resident visa. If all conditions can be satisfied, the applicant will obtain a spouse temporarily visa, if spouse concern lasted two years, will obtain a spouse permanent and resident visa.

Australian student marries habitat temporarily

To those already with temporarily visa identity is in the fiance with resident Australia (wife) , if be in,allow resident during both sides married, conjugal visa can apply for in Australia, but should be examined in detail. This visa to those already hold student visa and the student that decision and Australian citizen or permanent resident marry is advantageous. The applicant of this visa needs to abide by reach all articles that obedience has student visa inside its passport and limitation to apply for to win approval till conjugal visa.

Unemployment or the conjugal visa that get pension security apply for

Even if unemployment or the security of the pension that get, still have assure qualification. Emigrant byelaw of the 1.2 income that did not assign security to want to have lowermost level or accommodation most postulate.

The official of the immigration office can pay attention to the first after evaluating security to be approved in visa two years more inside, to its spouse aid financially ability (the level that reachs the spouse of security to depend on security possibly) . Security family member can help visa official decide the visa that whether approves security applies for to the support of security. (For example, whether is security couple met and the parents of security lives together etc)
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