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Australia is emigrant on September 1 new policy: Content and form have big chang
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476 technologies approbate the in short supply profession that graduate visa is the “niche” in be market of contented obtain employment, of 18 designs in the light of specific abroad graduation months temporarily visa. Apply for this piece of visa advocate the applicant needs to satisfy following requirements:
· age does not exceed 30 years old
24 months before · is applying for are underlying learn and obtain degree what taught a structure to complete designation course what appoint
The requirement of English of · contented ability (elegant think of 4 6 minutes)
Apply for 476 technologies to approbate graduate visa not to need to make component likewise, to this visa holder also won't have the restriction of the job or study, once satisfy,always reside, face house or employer to assure emigrant condition, the applicant is OK in hold any time of this visa offer application.
The 495 transition with 496 visa problem
It is the delay problem of 12 months above all. We know current 495 can be in after expiring effectively 3 years with 496 visa the delay that files 12 months, if the applicant is the delay application that offers 12 months after September 1, 2007, need to unite application number to assure for the outlying area of 487 face house visa, in the application below this kind of circumstance 487 visa need not acquire an administrative division additionally or assure feudally, but the applicant must complete this application according to the requirement of Onshore.
It is next 495 with 496 visa turn to always rank a problem. The applicant that always resides a category in the great majority after September 1, 2007 is application number the outlying area immigrant visa of 887. And apply for this piece of 887 visa, outside the faces house visa visa requirement before requirement applicant is not disobeyed, still need to be in designation outlying area the life is full work of two years of full-time is full a year. New policy sets, apply for to 887 visa also do not need to acquire an administrative division again or assure feudally at the appointed time, but applicant need completes this application according to the requirement of Onshore. New finally policy still removed to be in about 495 visa holder achieve the restriction that visa cannot apply RSMS item inside 2 years.
This reform with emigrant technology of bay of make a comprehensive view, the abundance of its content, of the form be sure to bring major effect thoroughly, a variety of goals that establish in the beginning of reform whether implementation must reassume carries out examine. Hope the applicant of contented condition plans application as soon as possible!

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