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Australia is emigrant on September 1 new policy: Content and form have big chang
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The 8th: Conjugal technical ability. The spouse satisfies the 4 big postulate that visa applies for to be able to obtain 5 minutes.
The 9th: Outlying area learns. The study that completes two years of period in outlying area can obtain 5 minutes.
The 10th: The relative assures. If be assured in the relative of outlying area by its,face house visa applicant can obtain 25 minutes assure cent. The relative of the 138 visa that exist generally at present from this assures be cancelled 15 minutes, but pass a mark to also fall by 110 minutes because of what take the 176 visa of 138 visa for 100 minutes, depend on so close kind immigrant will still have an advantage.
Eleventh: City / feudal government nominates. Obtain city or the applicant that feudal government nominates to be able to obtain 10 minutes.
Dozenth: Community language. The applicant is approved have corresponding community the gift of tongues to be able to obtain 5 minutes. From this, the 4 award cent previously is hit had existed no longer through evolving in group, deposit money among them 100 thousand bay yuan add cent 5 minutes when obtain to be abandoned thoroughly.
The 4th part: 485, 476 visa introductions and 495, the transition of 496 visa problem
Although the policy change this September 1 will enable brand-new visa number, but the sign that actually most new visa has old visa but abide, only visa of 485 technologies graduate approbates graduate visa to be able to weigh be innovation sex to go up with 476 technologies, these two pieces of visa are temporarily visa.
The student studying abroad that always resides a condition cannot be satisfied instantly after visa of 485 technologies graduate basically is aimed at graduation, advocate the applicant needs to satisfy following requirements when application:
· age is in 45 years old the following
Before · is applying for 6 months satisfy the requirement of two years of class hour
· had offerred an application that cent or 50 minutes of 60 professions evaluate
· is already contented elegant the requirement that considers introductory condition or can offer elegant consider exam application form
At the same time all applicants must
The student visa with · effective hold or 6 the middle of a month in the past once hold student visa
· finished check-up
·16 year old above applicant offerred the application with innocent Australia
Apply for 485 visa to did not pass a mark, also need not make component, maintain sufficient healthy insurance besides requirement visa holder outside, this piece of visa won't make limitation to the job or study, visa period of efficacy is 18 months, once satisfy,always reside, face house or employer to assure emigrant condition, the applicant is OK in hold any time of this visa offer application.
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