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Australia is emigrant on September 1 new policy: Content and form have big chang
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· place learns course is the course that CRICOS registers
· finished at least 2 learning year study
· completed the study of at least 16 natural months
· learns in what Australia churchyard finishs, at the same time the Australia visa of place hold does not prohibit learning
· should learn habitually use English to give lessons
4. The age
The age condition with emigrant technology is changeless, remain 18 years old to come 44 years old, include 18 years old to mix 44 years old all but.
Additional, after September 1, all technical immigrant apply for is Onshore or Offshore can be passed no matter put forward on the net; Pass written the person that submits application, also will uniting the number that uses new design is the form of 1276. Clause of concerned statement sex also gives purify. As to application fee, still will be in the basis is annual on July 1 bay the index of newest consumer price that publish undertakes adjustment, is not on September 1 new politics one part.
The 3rd part: Visa applies for element of 12 dozens of big cent
Below new policy, be like element of below 12 dozens of big cent:
The first: Skill mark. Differ according to nomination occupational, cent is 60 minutes; 50 minutes; 40 minutes a class.
The 2nd: Age mark. Age element is the did not change exclusively element in new policy almost, the mark also will be the same as active policy same, 18 years old - ; 30 years old - ; 35 years old - ; 40 years old arrive 44 years old 15 minutes.
The 3rd: English mark. Fluent English (elegant think of 4 7 minutes) can obtain 25 minutes; The English in contented postulate asks (it is 4 6 minutes normally, but if above paragraphs place is told,also may be 4 5 divide or divide 5.5 minutes on average) , can obtain 15 minutes.
The 4th: Australia record of formal schooling. Can not obtain 25 minutes under the doctor's degree of 2 years of class hour; Not the master's degree under 3 years of class hour bachelor or honorary degree baccalaureate can obtain 15 minutes; Can not obtain 5 minutes under the baccalaureate of 2 years of class hour or diploma or mechanic certificate.
The 5th: Working experience. Nomination profession is 60 minutes, and the close together and relevant work experience that has 3 years can obtain 10 minutes; Below other condition, the working experience on 3 years of detailed list can obtain 5 minutes.
The 6th: In short supply profession. Nomination profession is the Joboffer that in short supply profession has the closely related work experience of 12 months to have Australia at the same time at the same time can obtain 20 minutes; Satisfy afore-mentioned requirements but not bay of Joboffer can obtain 15 minutes.
The 7th: Australian work experience. With the Australia closely related nomination profession the working experience of 12 months can obtain 10 minutes; Or the specific major that satisfies 12 months year the requirement can obtain 10 minutes.
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