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Australia is emigrant on September 1 new policy: Content and form have big chang
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In the meantime, the applicant of permanent to the applicant of all Offshore and Onshore visa must refer the proof of English ability namely when visa applies for, what qualification offers before wanting to apply for to hand over in visa namely is elegant consider success. To Onshore those who face house visa to the applicant can be passed or offer qualification is elegant think of achievement to perhaps be referred elegant the methodological go ahead of the rest that considers exam application form hands over visa to apply for. Of course, the applicant of country of certain to coming from English, the requirement of English ability still does not need to pass elegant think of an exam to prove. But if anybody asks the 25 language marks of cent must be passed attend elegant think of an exam to obtain.
2. Nomination profession
Of Offshore always reside visa and face house visa applicant to must obtain effective profession to evaluate a result before application, and the result in advance that the profession of always resides visa and the applicant that face house visa to be able to evaluate application through referring a profession receipt and rather than of Onshore assesses makes effective visa application.
What need points out is, the nomination profession of applicant of the Onshore below new policy relaxes by category of current 60 minutes of professions or category of 60 minutes of professions is OK. In the meantime, emphasize allowing an applicant to change again in new policy nomination profession.
3. Working experience and policy of two years of class hour
Working experience: The experience of detailed list work that new policy asks to unite before applying for for visa 24 months to want to have 12 months to the working experience of all visa applicant, no longer of mark of basis nomination profession different and distinction is treated. ” of experience of alleged “ work is to ask every are planted do not work under the technology of 20 hours that brings salary, take salary off the maternity leave that includes to take salary is OK also by plan the time that enters 12 months.
Two years of class hour: Although new policy still allows a student studying abroad to pass two years,class hour hind offers application inside 6 months and exempt work experience asks, green card files directly after wanting to be able to satisfy emigrant mark to be able to graduate only, but be opposite below new policy of two years of class hour limit more will strict. The biggest change nothing is more... than cancelled concept of ” of alleged “ dependency, nomination profession must learn major with the place of two years of class hour close together and relevant (Closelyrelated) . From this, resemble the market accountant, content flows the pronunciation such as the interpreter continues feasible became an issue, and in bay read undergraduate course to had turned over a head to come reread TAFE is met more easily in Closelyrelated the get stuck on this one problem. Look at present, should satisfy two years of class hour to must satisfy following requirement at the same time:
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